The team managed to improve on the 2nd place in Round 1 by putting together a great team performance finishing 1st overall in Round 2 of the Senior league.   There were some fantastic individual swims as well as relay efforts and in my time as Head Coach this is the first time a club has been able to finish ahead of Wrexham on points at a gala which was a great achievement.

The club put in another strong performance in the final round finishing 2nd  which secured 2nd overall in the league improving on the previous year's 3rd position. All 3 galas were "fiercely fought" and it was a pleasure to watch a good team performance and see swimmers getting behind one another throughout the whole event.

Now we have the ECL Junior Competition to look forward to. Hopefully we will put in another solid performance although I will be allowing all who wish to compete a chance to swim in the competition. The ECL is a fantastic league and is great starting point for all swimmers. Most swimmers within the area will have started their competitive careers within this league - myself included over 20 years ago!!!

I feel it is important as a club that we continue to support this league.


We have 2 upcoming competitions in the coming weeks; the Diddy Meet being a great starting point for some of our younger swimmers  and at the opposite end of the scale the Welsh Easter Nationals. I wish all those taking part the very best of luck in both competitions.


One final note -Can all parents make sure their swimmers are dropped off 10mins before training to make sure they have enough time to change before the start of the session.  Those swimmers who are dropped off in plenty of time - can they ensure that they are  ready BEFORE the start of training . It can be very disruptive to have swimmers coming in 5 mins late to the session.