These take place at Llandudno on Friday 3rd February evening, in the daytime on 4th & 5th and the following weekend on Friday 10th (evening) and 11th & 12th February (daytime). Ian Jones will give out the entry forms shortly.

Session 1 is on Friday evening of 3rd February Session 2 AM on Saturday 4th February, Session 3 PM on 4th February and so on see the timetable on events above..

On a separate file the qualifying times for entry. These are shown for each event for boys and girls by event and age, please remember age is at 31 December 2017 not on the day of the event. QT = qualifying time which gives a guaranteed entry, CT = consideration time which allows a request for entry, if there were too many entries for an event typically the slower times maybe declined entry. Usually most entries are accepted. Qualifying times have to have been achieved in a qualifying meet in the last 12 months.