Buckley ASC Gala Calender 2017-18

1st October 2017 East Clwyd League Championships Wrexham Short Course All Members
14th October 2017 Arena League Round 1 - Kendal Short Course Senior Team
11th November 2017 Arena League Round 2 - Ellesmere Port Short Course Senior Team
19th November 2017 Wrexham Junior Sprint Short Course 12 & Under
24th - 26th November 2017 North Wales Sub-Regional Meet Llandudno Short Course All Members
1st - 3rd December 2017 Swim Wales Long Course Open Championships Swansea Long Course Qualifiers
9th December 2017 Arena League Round 3 Short Course Senior Team
13th & 14th January 2018 Holywell Valentine Meet - Level 2 Short Course Qualifiers
27th January 2018 East Clwyd Championships Senior League round 1 Short Course Senior Team
3rd, 4th & 10th, 11th February 2018 Swim Wales North Regional Championships Llandudno level 2 Short Course Qualifiers
24th & 25th February 2018 Swansea Aquatics Open Meet -level 2 Long Course Qualifiers
3rd March 2018 East Clwyd Championships Senior League round 2 Short Course Senior Team
10 March 2018 East Clwyd League Championships Senior League round 3 Short Course Senior Team
18 March 2018 Wrexham Crystal Meet - level 3 Short Course All Members
30th - 2nd April 2018 Swim Wales Easter Championships - level 1 Long Course Qualifiers
15th April 2018 Bangor Diddy Meet - Llandudno Short Course 13 & Under
21st April 2018 East Clwyd League Junior League Round 1 Short Course Junior Squad
5th & 6th May 2018 Wrexham Spring Meet -level 2 Short Course Qualifiers
19th & 20th May 2018 Sheffield No Frills - level 3 Long Course Silver upwards
19th May 2018 East Clwyd League Junior League Round 2 Short Course Junior Squad
10th June 2018 Cath Ankers Meet Wrexham - level 3 Short Course All Members
16th June 2018 East Clwyd League Junior League Round 3 Short Course Junior Squad
30th June & 1st July 2018 Leeds Grade B Meet - level 3 Long Course Silver upwards
21st & 22nd July 2018 Sheffield Summer Meet - level 3 Long Course Silver upwards
30th July - 5th August 2018 Swim Wales Summer Nationals - Swansea - level 1 Long Course Qualifiers

Gala Results

Could you help us to support your child's gala development?

In order for us to enter any of the galas mentioned above, we are obliged to provide officials for time-keeping and judging duties.  To ensure that we can continue to enter these galas and provide our children with the competition needed to develop their skills we would be really pleased to hear from parents / carers willing to train as Judges.  We are hoping to run judge training at Buckley Leisure Centre in the very near future. 


Although there will be some oral questions there is NO formal theory exam involved.  As a judge you would only ever be asked to officiate at galas which you would already be attending with your child.


If you would like to help, please email us at buckleyswimming@gmail.com or speak to any member of the committee when you are next at the club.


Previous Gala Results

Charting your progress

You can keep an eye on your child's swimming development, gala results and personal best times using Hy-Tek


You can also compare their performance against others of their age, across Wales or even the whole of GB with the ASA Rankings


For Gala Advice when attending your first gala - Click Here


You can download a Gala Record to help you to keep track of your gala performance and progress, print it out double sided and you / your parents can keep it up to date for each gala you attend - Click Here


Click link below for previous Results:

            Valentine Meet 2014                                                               BASC Club Champs 2014                                            Easter Nationals 2015

            Regional Champs 2014                                                          ECL Champs 2014                                                        Bangor Diddy

            Nofio Clwyd Meet                                                                   Swim Conwy Autumn Meet                                           ECL Junior Round 1            

            Easter Nationals                                                                     Wrexham Junior Sprint                                                 Wrexham Spring Meet

            Bangor Diddy 2014                                                                 Sub Regional Champs                                                  Regional Dev Meet 2015

            Wrexham Spring Meet                                                            Regional Champs 2015                                                ECL Junior Round 2

            Regional Dev Meet 2014                                                        ECL Senior Round 1                                                     Cath Ankers

            Cath Ankers 2014                                                                   ECL Senior Round 2                                                     ECL Junior Round 3

            Holywell Summer Sprint                                                         ECL Senior Round 3                                                      Leeds Grade B LC Meet

            Summer Nationals 2014                                                         Wrexham Crystal Meet                                                  Summer Nationals 2015